Shocking: Popular Dancehall Artist Opens Up About Being a Homosexual 


Kingston  – Dancehall  star Aidonia has just admitted to being a homosexual via Snapchat. 

He says he is not bisexual, but homosexual and one day will like to “Marry the man of his life” after leaving his wife.

This has come to has shock to the DANCEHALL nation.

Aidonia has been extremely popular with the ladies since the beginning of his career back in 2003. Fans are questioning why a man like Aidonia , who can essentially get any woman if he wanted to, would become gay. The 4th Gennah Dj first admitted to being gay on Snapchat when he snap  from his official account, but later deleted to snap . We believe coming out the closet is a very stressful choice for Songz as it is with most people. 

Aidonia is a Jamaican musician and head of the musical partnership “J.O.P.”, which has a contract under The Alliance. He became active in early 2004, and has released albums on the record labels, VP Records and Jag One Productions. 

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